S.COAT 2020 AQ
Water-based Paint Sales Estimates

S.COAT 2020 AQ

Planned to go on sale 2017

S.COAT 2020 AQ
An innovative water-based base coat that combines quality and economy.
It can be used with current equipment, and combines the sense of being able to apply paint coating easily with workability. It's a never-seen-before water-based paint.
You can dry it just by air blowing with a panel heater and spray gun.
The price is the same as our single-pack base coat, and it does not require any new accessory equipment.
Our new innovative water-based Base coat S.COAT No. 2020 AQ has absolutely unbeatable economic value.

High Workability

If working in an environment of 10℃ or higher, then drying is possible just by air blowing with a panel heater and spray gun, even in high humidity.
Its workability will not lose to any other company's single-pack base coat and may even give better results.

Ease of Storage

Excellent for low-temperature storage*, so ancillary equipment, such as a vault, is not required.
Excellent for high-temperature storage as well, so there is no long-term paint deterioration even with the same storage conditions with solvent-based paints.
*If kept at -10℃ or less it will freeze but if warmed it will return to its original state.

Shocking Prices

Our company's solvent-based single-pack base coat S.COTE NO. 2015 paint system and our running costs are about equal.
Compared to other companies whose water-based base coats cost approximately 20~60% more than their solvent-based single-packet bases, our running costs are the same.

Color Data

For primary color characteristics, the current S.COAT No. 2010 and the S.COAT No.2015 base coat are virtually identical, and you can use the current color chip without having to make any changes.(S.COAT No. 2020 AQ Dedicated Data)

Non-Hazardous Items

Most of our product lineup is comprised of non-hazardous items (excluding 2 items), so fire and safety laws do not apply to many of our goods.
This leads to a reduction in health, safety, and administrative costs.

Does not correspond to any existing or specialized regulations.

Our environmentally-friendly and worker-safe products comply with the Ordinance on the Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning/Ordinance on Prevention of Hazards Due to Specified Chemical Substances, and also the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR).
*Because the description includes content that is still currently in development, the content and the schedule are subject to change without notice depending on management and development status.