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S.COAT 2015 Color Guide

Metallic Base

Characteristics of Metallic Base Whiteness and Size of Metallic Base

Primary Black

Characteristics of Primary Black

Primary Blue/Green

Characteristics of Primary Blue/Green

Primary Yellow/Violet

Characteristics of Primary Yellow/Violet

Primary Red

haracteristics of Primary Red

Primary White/Others and Controller

Characteristics of Primary White/Others and Controller
Varieties of Primary Colors and Toning Properties
Number of automotive primary colors (more than 300) used in the automotive production is much greater than the one used in re-finishing industry.
Therefore,it is impossible to fully reproduce original colors for re-finishing industry which has only 80~140 primary colors.
Furthermore, painting process and type of paints itself affect toning properties, even if the number of primary colors becomes equal.
Different locations of auto body have different toning, like the bumper and the body, and the different production lot of paints and the time passing do affect the toning as well.
UV or other influences also contribute to color change, fading and decoloration.
The only solution is to apply blurring finish for the matching of toning properties.
Paint manufacturers for automotive production are often said to best match in re-finishing, but it's not 100% truthful.
Since the number of primary colors in automotive production increase in the future, detailed color data and capability of the blurring will be deciding factors for the matching with the original colors.

White Pearl

Characteristics of White Pearl

Interfering Blue

Characteristics of Interfering Blue

Interfering Red/Gold

Characteristics of Interfering Red/Gold

Colored Pearl

Characteristics of Colored Pearl

Special Primary Color such as Deflection Primary Colors

Characteristics of Special Primary Color such as Deflection Primary Colors

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