S.COAT 2015
H Clear Coat(Standard medium solid)

S.Coat 2015 Series


H Clear Coat
  • QUICK DRY type, cures in a short baking time in excellent finish
  • Workable under normal temperature in curing. Excellent balance in finish and dry time
  • Performance polish and high workability
  • Resistant to drips, foams and color changes

Mixing Ratio and Pot Life

S.COAT Hardener is universal for all S. COAT Base, Clear and Filler

Mixing Ratio(Weight Ratio)

Non Volatile(%)

Pot Life (Hours)
  Clear   Hardener 50°F(10°C) 70°F(20°C) 85°F(30°C)
100 25 38.1 2 1 0.5
*Since pot life becomes shorter at higher than 85°F(30°C), it’s recommended to use quickly possible after mixing.

Dry Times

Drying Temperature
50°F(10°C) 70°F(20°C) 85°F(30°C) 140°F(60°C)
Dust free 10 min. 7 min. 5 min.
Flash before force dry 0~5 min. 0~5 min. 3~5 min.
Time to polish 8 hours 5 hours 3 hours 15 min.
Time to decal No 24 hours 16 hours 20 min.
Time of repainting 60 min.
Perfect curing 7 days 80 min.
*Note 1: Actual dry times vary depending on film thickness, painting space and other conditions. ( Recommended film thickness : 30 ~ 50 μ)
*Note 2: Force dry at 140°F (60°C) is recommended for repainting.

Recommended Painting Temperature and Painting Space

  Painting Temperature
40°F(5°C) 60°F(15°C) 75°F(25°C) 95°F(35°C)
Paint Area Single Panel (Small)
2~4 Panels (Middle)
Overall (Large) ×
*Note: Compared to other brand paints, the working time could be shortened to half in some cases.


  • Accelerator
    Enables to accelerate curing by adding only 3~5% with minimum deterioration in finish.
  • Fish Eye Eliminator
    Effective in eliminating fish eyes by small amount. Recommended to use under 3% in the mixture.
  • Enhancer
    Enhances matte finish with minimum unevenness, and resistant to polishing.
    (Caution: Make a preliminary test before the application to check the result by painting style.)
  • Flex Additive
    Improve the flexibility, having less influence to polishing finish and dry time. (Apply 3% for PP bumper, and 5% for urethane bumper.)