S.COAT 2015 Candy Color

S.Coat 2015 Series


S.COAT 2015 Candy Color
  1. Tint with high saturation by advanced technology pigment dispersion.
  2. Extremely low color change and discoloration by pigment weatherability.
  3. High weatherability minimizes color change and discoloration, even when used for smoke paint on headlights, etc.
  4. Applicable to all types of S.Coat Clear Coat products. (Quick dry type is good in winter season only.)
  5. Abundant 12 color variation is available. (Request for others color is acceptable also.)
  6. Mixture of different Candy Colors (of similar hues) is applicable.

Candy Color Variation

Color Characteristics Mixable Color
Pure Red Clearcoat yellowish red Red type, Deep Orange
Deep Red Deep and Clearcoat red Red type, Deep Orange
Special Red Deep pinky red Red type, Deep Orange
Deep Maroon Deep yellowish maroon Red type, Deep Orange, Deep Violet
Deep Orange Deep reddish orange Red type, Yellow type
Pure Yellow Bluish lemon yellow Deep Orange, Pure Green
Pure Green Deep bluish green Yellow type, Blue type
Deep Blue Deep yellowish blue Pure Green, Deep Violet
Pure Blue Deep reddish blue Pure Green, Deep Violet
Red Violet Clearcoat reddish violet Deep Violet, Red type
Deep Violet Deep Violet Red Violet, Blue type
Royal Black Yellowish Jet Black Blue type, Pure Green, Violet type


Candy Color Clearcoat 2.1 LOW V.O.C. Hardene
Candy Color Mix Style 20~30 Medium Solid Clearcoat 100 25
*Since candy color doesn't react to hardener, hardener must be premixed with Clearcoat as instructed, i.e. 4 to 1 or 2 to1.

Painting Instruction

Process Instruction
Base Metallic(Base color) Rough metallic, lame, glass pearl, and so on.
Sufficient setting time is required.
Candy Color(3-6 times) Repeat painting until unevenness is gone.
Quick dry type Clearcoat is only applicable in winter season under 50°F.
Clearcoat After sufficiently drying candy color and polishing with #2000 water-resistant sandpaper, then 2-3times of clear coat painting is recommended.