S.COAT 2015 SV Filler (5:1) Primer Surfacer

S.Coat 2015 Series

Product Features

S.COAT 2015 SV Filler
  1. For 5:1 use, taking care of abrasions, and also improved workability on handling edges.
  2. S.Coat 2015 primary colors can be mixed by about 20%.
  3. Now it is even easier to obtain a smooth surface.

Coating Specification

  SV Filler Hardener Thinner Usage Life
50°F 70°F 90°F
Standard Specification 40~100μ 100 20 20~30 60min 40min 20min
Thickly-Lacquered Specification 100~250μ 100 20 10~20 40min 20min 10min

Drying Conditions

Drying Conditions 50°F 70°F 90°F 60°C (Compulsory)
Filler Thickness 80μ 150μ 80μ 150μ 80μ 150μ 80μ 150μ
Dry to the touch time 10min 15min 5min 10min 3min 5min
Possible polishing time 2h 3h 1h 2h 40min 90min 15min 20min
Possible coating time 4h 8h 3h 4h 2h 3h 15min 20min
To ensure realization of its durability and physical properties, we recommended drying at 60°C.

Notes on Usage

  1. Completely mix SV Filler prior to use.
  2. When using thick paint, it can cause areas to look rough or stick poorly, so be sure to use immediately after applying a hardener.
  3. Use a sufficient amount so that there is proper adhesion to the topcoat.
  4. Remove any excess after applying.
  5. For painting the bumper, please use a softening agent (1~3% PP material, 3~5% urethane material).