S.COAT 2015 Base Coat

S.COAT 2015 Base Coat
S.COAT 2015 is a new type of base coat that can be used as a single-liquid base or a double- liquid base. Compared to conventional single-liquid bases, we have improved the workability of the product, giving it excellent drying and concealing attributes.
We have built a system that can be offered at a low cost in comparison to products from other companies, through thorough cost-cutting to the manufacturing and distribution processes. Also, by making improvements to the concealing attributes, it's possible to reduce the amount of paint required, so we've managed to implement improvements to economic efficiency and VOC reduction. Fully equipped with color data from over a period of 12 years from 9 domestic companies (approximately 1,200 basic colors and 4,000 detail colors, for a total of 5,200 colors)
Colors can be mixed rapidly and accurately with the abundant color data. We have focused on improving the reproducibility of tone color data (color chips). The base coat allows for an excellent finish, combining the benefit of concealing power with the ease of gradation work, and it's easy to sand without worry about abrasions (reducing worry about dust and hard to clean spots).
We were able to achieve the best balance between economic efficiency and workability in the industry. You can recover the costs of installation in 3 months to a year. After that costs can be reduced by over 30%.
With over 1,000 installation auto shops, we are ranked No. 1 in speed in the industry when it comes to the number of base coat replacements from other companies in Japan.

Selection of Thinner

The workable duration of diluted paints and the mixing ratio of thinner, hardener, and base coats.
  Mixing ratio (volume ratio) Working life of diluted paints
(in the case of using 10% Hardener)
Base Hardener Thinner 50°F 70°F 90°F
Metallic Pearl Specification 100 0 ~ 10 90 ~ 120 24 hour period 18 hour period 12 hour period
3-coat color base specification 100 10 60 ~ 100 18 hour period 14 hour period 10 hour period
Solid 1-coat
100 20 40 ~ 60 12 hours 8 hours 4 hours

Panel painting (1~2 panels)

S.COAT 2015 Base Coat

Features of S.COAT 2015 No. 1 in workability and economic efficiency in the industry

  1. ConcealmentExcellent concealment, so it's less likely to appear uneven.
    Possible to reduce the number of coats and how much paint is used, reducing work time and stress.
  2. GradationFeatures wonderful gradation ability with no darkening which allows for smooth gradation work.
    Gradation work has become even easier, making it possible to do maintenance work on the smallest area possible, greatly improving work efficiency.
  3. Drying properties and the finished lookA smooth base finish and drying properties have come together in the paint design.
    Because it blends well, misting and metallic black specks are less likely to occur. The finished look after applying a clear coat is significantly better than the base coat from other companies.
  4. Intermediate sanding propertiesIntermediate sanding can be done easily with #1.000 sandpaper (#1.500 water-resistant sandpaper), and there won't be any abrasions. Easily takes care of dust and difficult to clean spots.
  5. Environmentally friendlyEco-friendly products, environmentally-conscious, low-odor base coat with reduced instances of VOC.