Metallic/2-coat pearl block paint
standard specifications

The quality of the underlying processing greatly affects the degree of adhesion for the top coat of paint and the paint finish. To give a nice, thick feeling to the finish, please use S.Coat's SV Filler, an excellent sanding tool. (white, black, gray)
Please treat with #800 or higher paper for SP Filler surface treatment.

Metallic/2-coat pearl block paint standard specifications

Work Air Pressure
Amount of Discharge
Gun Range
Color Base
(1)Finding paint on the edge portion of the SP Filler.
(2)The pattern is thinly and uniformly layered around 1/2. (*In order to spread out the SP Filler part around a larger area, spread out the paint more thinly.)
(3)If you encounter a problem like having dust, etc., please polish with #1000 or above paper (sandpaper) after drying.
0.15~0.18 3.0~3.5 15~20
(Final color)
of the color
(1)The pattern is uniformly layered as to be hidden when gloss is applied around 2/3. (Re-coating is performed after it is dry to the touch.) 0.15~0.2 3.0~3.5 15
Pattern Layout (1)At the time of applying final color, release the spray gun and apply a half-gloss of paint 1~2 times 0.1~0.15 2.0~2.5 15~20
Setting (1)Room temperature drying (until dry to the touch)
(2)Estimated to be at 20°C for approximately 10 minutes
Clear (1)Apply a thin layer of paint uniformly
(2)After confirming that the finish is dry to the touch, apply
2 coats, and finish the surface. (Please refer to the enclosed manual for the formulation ratio of clear and Hardener)
0.2~0.22 3.5 10~15
Drying (1)Specified drying conditions for each clear. (Please refer to the enclosed manual for the specified drying conditions of the clear)      
Polished finish (1)For dirt, hard to clean spots and rough areas, polish using 1500~2000 paper, and condition the surface with compound.