Heading towards global expansion ---To the auto shops and suppliers of the world---

Since our establishment in 1999, we have provided sales and manufacturing for paint supplies used in Automotive Refinish Coatings. In Japan, there are 11 companies, including our own, that mainly specialize in these areas. This breakdown lists 5 and 4 overseas paint supply companies, as well as subsidiaries of both domestic manufacturers and our company (Table 1). Our company's shares have been on the rise every year. We are currently ranked 6th in the whole Japanese automotive refinish coatings market and poised to overtake Axalta currently ranked 5th.
Furthermore, especially for clear coatings, we are ranked 5th at the present.
In 2016, we joined as a member of SEMA.

1) Improvement of product development technology

Our company prides itself on cutting back production costs to the utmost. We are a company without our own production facilities, specializing in sales and R&D of paint supplies, and outsourcing production to several domestic Japanese paint manufacturing companies (4 companies with 12 locations). We have overcome our weak brand recognition with our strong product appeal, as proven by our sales record, and have gradually risen in the ranks of top manufacturers.

2) Offering high quality water-based paints qualified for VOC.

Furthermore, development has almost neared completion for our water-based base coat, and from now we will be entering the practical-use stage, with our line-up of commercial goods becoming equal to that of global manufacturers.

3) Original color data base for various types of Domestic and International OEMs.

We have color data from 9 domestic companies, such as Toyota, and 20 overseas companies, such as Benz and GM, and we are planning to focus on foreign-vehicle data in the future.

4) Wide product range for use in all types of climate conditions

Japan covers a long distance from north to south, with a variety of environments ranging from the subtropic in Okinawa to the subarctic in Hokkaido. Our products have been sold across Japan, from Ishigaki, Okinawa, to the eastern part of Hokkaido (sales locations are indicated on the map of Japan). This shows we have made products capable of handling a variety of climates with a proven track record for long-term durability.

As you can see from the information above, the business model we've implemented in Japan is capable of global expansion, and that our products can be used by auto shops all over the world. We are now recruiting auto suppliers and contractors in order to commence sales on a global scale.

Smashing the preconceptions of automotive paint sales. New value-added provisions for car owners.

S.Coat offers products that help keep costs down for auto shops by saving energy, reducing the amount of paint needed, and making significant improvements to workability.
We've created a quick paint system using high-solids with fewer solvent emissions, which allows for light repairs on a door to be completed in as little as 1 hour, something which up until now had been hard to accomplish. This comes as a delight to car owners who wish to have repairs done with only one trip to the shop.
In this way, we continue to collaborate with auto shops to find new ways of adding value for car owners,
and we will continue to challenge ourselves as a venture company for automotive refinishing.