The strongest automotive refinishing paint in the repair industry, which yields the ultimate benefits.

Our S.Coat No. 2000 automotive refinishing paint series (acrylic urethane resin paint, 2-pack) was developed in May 2000, and is a high-performance paint that is still in use to this day. It's a paint well-suited to 21st century needs.
Development was also completed on the S.Coat No. 2010 1-part base coat, which has been improved with added workability; on sale from July, 2010.
In October of 2011 the color window, which consists of color data from actual vehicles, was completed and the number of auto shops using it has increased rapidly.


  1. Simple Product Line (Small number of items)
  2. Specialized paints with high workability, long-lasting durability, and high-quality finishes
  3. The best paint for automotive refinishing, using only the finest raw materials
  4. No. 1 when it comes to low prices in the industry. We've drastically reduced prices on our automotive refinishing paint
  5. Our products have a proven track record with sales reaching approximately 10 million units over a 15-year period in Okinawa

S.COAT 2020 AQ

An innovative water-based base coat that combines quality and economy.

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