S.COAT 2015 SV Filler

S.Coat 2015 Series


S.COAT 2015 SV Filler
  1. Excellent in leveling, polishing, thickness and drying. Finish with superb appearances
  2. 3 color variations(Grey, Black, White) available, and mixable for brightness adjustment.
  3. S.COAT No.2015 primary colors can be mixed up to around 20%.


S.COAT Hardener is universal for all S. COAT Base, Clear and Filler
Dry film thickness SV Filler Hardener Pot Life(Hours)
50°F(10°C) 70°F(20°C) 85°F(30°C)
40~100μ 100 25 60min. 40min. 20min.
*Recommended setting: Spray gun diameter 0.06" (1.4mm), Air pressure XXXlbs/inch (1.5~2.5Kg/cm2), Film thickness 40~250μ.
*Edge areas are better to be completely dried or repaint lightly with base color, to avoid poor appearances or color differences caused by reducers in base color.
*Use #800 paper for polishing of S.COAT No.2015 base color paint.


Drying Conditions 50°F (10°C) 70°F (20°C) 85°F (30°C) 140°F (60°C)
Filler Thickness 80μ 150μ 80μ 150μ 80μ 150μ 80μ 150μ
Dust free 10min. 15min. 5min. 10min. 3min. 5min.
Time to polish 2hours 3hours 1hours 2hours 40min. 90min. 15min. 20min.
Time of repainting 4hours 8hours 3hours 4hours 2hours 3hours 15min. 20min.


  1. Stir SV Filler well before use to uniform the whole.
  2. After mixing with hardener, use within the pot life, to avoid rough/poor finish or adhesion problem.
  3. Apply sandpapers on the filling area for better adhesion.
  4. After applying sandpapers, clean up oils and dusts by degreasers.
  5. Use flex additive for bumper painting. (1~3% for PP type and 3~5% for urethane type)