2.1 Low V.O.C. S.COAT 2016
GT21 Clear Coat(Slow High performance)

S.Coat 2016 Series


GT21 Clear Coat
  • SLOW DRY type, with super-excellent appearances. Suitable for upgraded vehicles
  • High quality smoothness and glossy finish
  • Resistant to scratches and scrubs, as well as to foams and color changes
  • Top level quality High-Solid clear
  • Similar to G Clear in high flexibility for superb workability and appearances

Mixing Ratio and Pot Life

S.COAT Hardener is universal for all S. COAT Base, Clear and Filler

Mixing Ratio(Weight Ratio)

Non Volatile(%)

Pot Life (Hours)
  Clear   Hardener 50°F(10°C) 70°F(20°C) 85°F(30°C)
100 50 44.2 4 2 1
*Since pot life becomes shorter at higher than 85°F(30°C), it’s recommended to use quickly possible after mixing.

Dry Times

Drying Temperature
50°F(10°C) 70°F(20°C) 85°F(30°C) 140°F(60°C)
Dust free 15 min. 12 min. 10 min.
Flash before force dry 0~5 min. 0~5 min. 3~5 min.
Time to polish 36 hours 16 hours 8 hours 30 min.
Time to decal 5 days 48 hours 24 hours 60 min.
Time of repainting 60 min.
Perfect curing 7 days 120 min.
*Note 1: Actual dry times vary depending on film thickness, painting space and other conditions. ( Recommended film thickness : 30 ~ 50 μ)
*Note 2: Force dry at 140°F (60°C) is recommended for repainting.

Recommended Painting Temperature and Painting Space

  Painting Temperature
40°F(5°C) 60°F(15°C) 75°F(25°C) 95°F(35°C)
Paint Area Single Panel (Small)
2~4 Panels (Middle)
Overall (Large)
*Note: Compared to other brand paints, the working time could be shortened to half in some cases.


  • Accelerator
    Enables to accelerate curing by adding only 3~5% with minimum deterioration in finish.
  • Fish Eye Eliminator
    Effective in eliminating fish eyes by small amount. Recommended to use under 3% in the mixture.
  • Enhancer
    Enhances matte finish with minimum unevenness, and resistant to polishing.
    (Caution: Make a preliminary test before the application to check the result by painting style.)
  • Flex Additive
    Improve the flexibility, having less influence to polishing finish and dry time. (Apply 3% for PP bumper, and 5% for urethane bumper.)